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Super Bowl: Former Orange Chandler Jones Joins List of Syracuse Players With Championship Rings

Former SU defensive end Chandler Jones earned himself a Super Bowl ring yesterday; what other former Orange players have one?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX over the Seattle Seahawks yesterday. This probably irks a lot of you not from New England -- myself included -- but let's try to focus on the positives instead. This one, in particular: former Syracuse defensive end Chandler Jones just earned himself a Super Bow ring.

In just a few seasons in the league, the former SU linemen has really made a name for himself, and this championship just adds to that list of accolades. But he's not the first former Orange player to collect the sports' most important hardware at all. In fact, Jones joins a long list of Syracuse players to hoist the Lombardi Trophy; a list you'll find below:

Player/Coach Position Super Bowl Team
Chandler Jones DE XLIX New England Patriots
Arthur Jones DT XLVII Baltimore Ravens
Tom Coughlin Head Coach XLVI New York Giants
Anthony Smith FS XLV Green Bay Packers
Anthony Smith FS XLIII Pittsburgh Steelers
David Tyree WR XLII New York Giants
Tom Coughlin Head Coach XLII New York Giants
Dwight Freeney DE XLI Indianapolis Colts
Marvin Harrison WR XLI Indianapolis Colts
Ryan LaCasse LB XLI Indianapolis Colts
Josh Thomas DT XLI Indianapolis Colts
James Mungro RB XLI Indianapolis Colts
Tebucky Jones FS XXXVI New England Patriots
Roland Williams TE XXXIV St. Louis Rams
Daryl Johnston FB XXX Dallas Cowboys
Kevin Mitchell LB XXIX San Francisco 49ers
Daryl Johnston FB XXVIII Dallas Cowboys
Daryl Johnston FB XXVII Dallas Cowboys
Art Monk WR XXVI Washington Redskins
Art Monk WR XXII Washington Redskins
Joe Morris RB XXI New York Giants
Art Monk WR XVII Washington Redskins
Keith Moody CB XV Oakland Raiders
Larry Csonka FB VIII Miami Dolphins
Larry Csonka FB VII Miami Dolphins
Jim Del Gaizo QB VII Miami Dolphins
John Mackey TE V Baltimore Colts


Some things you'll want to know:

  • In total, 27 Super Bowl rings have been given out to former Syracuse football players.
  • 20 different former Orange players have won Super Bowls.
  • Art Monk and Daryl Johnston are tied for the most titles for a Syracuse player, with three apiece playing for Washington and Dallas, respectively.
  • The Colts franchise (Indianapolis and Baltimore) is responsible for six of Syracuse's Super Bowl rings -- most of any team. The Indy team that won Super Bowl XLI had five SU players on the squad.
  • Super Bowl XXV was the only one of the four Giants' Super Bowl wins to not feature a Syracuse player.
  • The breakdown, by ten-year periods of Super Bowls: 40s (12 titles), 30s (3), 20s (6), 10s (2), 00s (4).
  • Otis Wilson (Bears) was not included here, since he only started his college career at SU, but finished at Louisville.
  • Jim Del Gaizo (Dolphins) WAS included because he started his career at Tampa, but finished at SU.
  • Anthony Smith is the only former Orange player to win two titles with two different teams.
  • Tom Coughlin is the only former Orange player to win a title (in his case, two) as a coach.

UPDATE: On Twitter, it was pointed out that All-American Markus Paul (currently the Giants' strength and conditioning coach) has won five titles -- all as a coach. Was a lot tougher to find information on full coaching staffs, but definitely add this an an addendum to the above.


Did we miss anyone? Any additional fun facts you can think of? Share away.