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Troy Nunes is An Absolute Podcast: Louisville Review/Spring Practice Preview

John and Dan recap an exciting win over Louisville, talk spring practice and also chat about beer.

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Victory! In the big scheme, sure it means very little. But nothing wrong with celebrating a big win via podcast when you can. It also sets the proper mood for some spring football talk too, which could otherwise go off the rails to negative town (as we've seen in the comments SO many times).

This week, John Cassillo is joined by Dan Lyons to discuss the big Orange win over Louisville, dive into a little bit of spring practice, and of course, talk about beer. Some of the larger talking points:

  • Live reactions to the Duke-North Carolina game, because "sure"
  • Attempting to predict how 20 wins shake out for the Orange...
  • Who's our breakout freshman on the Syracuse (football) defense?
  • Sleeper tournament picks, including VCU, San Diego State and more
  • Checking in on #RumpLeague patriarch, UConn
  • Talking SNL 40 and what we'd have liked to see from Eddie Murphy
  • Want more beer? Follow John and Dan on Untappd!

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Plan accordingly: This podcast is a little over an hour long. We talk about basketball and spring practice, while also having extensive conversations about beer and Saturday Night Live, too.

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