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Syracuse Basketball is Getting New PLATINUM Warm-Up Hoodies

Today, in #BRAND...

East Bay

Syracuse basketball's new Nike Hyper Elite uniforms are coming soon -- something we talked about the other day. With those, however, may also be some other Nike things. Like new warm-up gear.

New Nike "College Disruption Full-Zip Hoodie" warm-up gear.

New PLATINUM Nike "College Disruption Full-Zip Hoodie" warm-up gear.

Nike PLATINUM Syracuse Warmup

(via EastBay)


While the Syracuse basketball program has had some run-ins with PLATINUM in the past, the core part of the Orange hoops set has always, sensibly, been orange. Though we bitch and moan about the football team's lack of the color (rightfully so), basketball has really stayed pretty consistent. Until this, anyway...

In all, 18 schools are getting these #BRAND-tastic little numbers, and while most of them are a very basic PLATINUM/grey like ours, a few schools were able to stay true to their own colors and identity system. Ohio State gets scarlet. Oklahoma gets crimson. Purdue gets black and gold. Texas gets burnt orange. Illinois gets orange and blue

... wut.

We've been through this before with Nike and the Illini. While both schools prominently feature the color orange, it seems that Illinois gets first dibs on the blue-and-orange duds. Or someone in the Syracuse athletic department has a #BRAND-gasm over how much PLATINUM we can possibly fit into our identity system. Either/or.


So while it's really not worth getting worked up over these -- ours are just as boring as Duke's, Kentucky's, Arizona's, etc. -- it's still puzzling why we're so committed to orange in some cases, while completely against it in others. Expect to see these soon, though there obviously won't be a postseason roll out of these for the Orange (sigh).