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Tales From the Crowd: Syracuse vs. Boston College

Schedule be damned. It turns out that the Syracuse Orange men's basketball team is playing two home games this week.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Circumstances required my dropping off the face of the sports world for a while. I was sad. Then, gifted with tickets to see my own Syracuse Orange play at nearby(ish) Boston College, the sky turned bright blue and there was no snow for an entire 8-hour span. It was glorious, even if it wasn't home.

Or was it?

Cut to the end of last night's 70-56 victory over the Boston College Eagles, and you would have thought you were in Syracuse, NY instead of Chestnut Hill, Mass. During the final 90 seconds, those clad in orange erupted in a bleacher-shaking "Let's Go Orange" chant that filled Conte Forum, making the whole place feel like the Dome.

Truth be told, though, anytime a singular fan shouted anything during the contest, it filled Conte Forum. Phrases like "it's more quiet than a library in here" and "BC should be embarrassed" could be heard throughout the arena.

At tip off, just about everyone did the stand-and-clap (sorry, not sorry) because just about everyone was for Syracuse. Even better, I started recognizing BC fans when cameras filmed the crowd during time outs. Not enough Eagles there to avoid repeats, I suppose.

Orange fans such as myself were done with snacks and our first beer (Just kidding. There's no beer here. It's still weird.) before any Eagles had landed. The "home" team's fans didn't start really showing up until midway through the first half, which, coincidentally, was exactly when Michael Gbinije did. He hit his first three-point shot at the 10:55 mark, and never let off the gas.

Where Trevor Cooney and Rakeem Christmas were swarmed by defenders, Silent G and B.J. Johnson were ready on the outside. Ball movement could have been a little better at times, but the Orange did a nice job of passing out of the double teams to get open looks. And when they did, man, the crowd was deafening.

Gbinije brought the house down with a mean dunk with 8:30 to go in the second half. It triggered a furious scoring fest that included two Kaleb Joseph throw-downs, another Johnson 3-pointer, and Cooney going 4-for-4 from the free-throw line. Syracuse was up 67-50 with 3:36 remaining, and the place was roaring.

Still, I wanted one more dagger. It's been a rough season for me and the Orange, so I wanted one more moment for us to share, and I had no shame in admitting it out loud to anyone sitting near me: "Gimme a three, Trevor. Gimme one more and make 'em pay."

Well, with 55 seconds left, I got my wish. #CooneyFace ensued, and all was right with the world.