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SU Football Recruiting: Kenterius Womack Commits to the Orange

The 2015 QB from Alabama seemingly exploded onto the scene the past few days, and decided that Syracuse was the spot for him

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

After the Orange closed their signing day with only 23 prospects in the 2015 class, one would have expected them to look for a late bloomer prospect, the Jay Bromley type, to award one of the extra spots to. One of the remaining two was taken by Kenterius Womack today, after he visited the Syracuse campus with his coach. The Luverne HS (AL) product was brought in to play QB in the 2015 class, and joins Eric Dungey to become the 5th scholarship QB on the Orange roster.

As unlikely as it sounds, I broke the news on Tuesday AM, when I noticed that a handful of Syracuse coaches followed Kenterius on twitter.

According to his coach, Doug Brown, Syracuse was the first to reach out to Kenterius, offer him, and get a visit set up to the hill. Womack was also going to visit Michigan, but after taking in the snow-covered SU campus, he decided to not even bother (3 for 4, suck on that, Harbaugh!).

According to Brown, Womack picked up offers from Eastern Michigan, UConn, Army, and Nevada over the past few days.

He's an honor student, which is always a great trait in a QB, and apparently is a very high character kid (not surprising why our staff loves him). Based on his tape, he's not a bad safety either, so if the QB thing doesn't work out he wouldn't be a bad option there.

It appears that Womack was just a kid that slipped through the cracks, and was going to end up at a lower division school, as he played for a small high school in division 2A (Alabama goes up to 7A) that lost in the first round of the playoffs and didn't have a great regular season record. However, he definitely has the attributes to play at the D1 level, and the Syracuse coaches think they have a gem on their hands here.

This does seem a bit ominous for the curious case of Alin Edouard, but I wouldn't rule us out from reopening that recruitment next season despite the fact there will most likely still be 5 scholarship QBs on the roster in 2016.

Tape Review

While a lot of the dual threat QBs that Syracuse has brought in over the past few seasons have been pass-first, Womack is certainly a guy that could go either way in that category. He's a big, shifty athlete that knows how to use his feet to escape pressure, and he has the vision to gain huge chunks of yardage (as evidenced by his 11 rushing TDs this season). Kenterius was a bit quick to scramble on a few plays, but in High School the lanes are there. It's just a small adjustment he'll have to make in college.

Kenterius definitely has a bit of an unorthodox throwing motion, but throws a nice deep ball and appears to be pretty accurate (granted, it's a highlight tape). He definitely fits the ball into some tight spaces, but he didn't really make any questionable decisions or ambulance throws. It will be interesting to see if the Orange staff tries to correct his throwing motion, though, and it appears the other schools recruiting him weren't going to bother as they wanted him as a DB.

I think this is definitely a project for Tim Lester that could have a ton of upside if it pays off. Womack has the athletic ability to succeed here at Syracuse and I hope we get the chance to see what he can do.