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#HotTakeAlert: Paper Thinks Jim Boeheim Should Be Suspended For Potty Mouth

Jim Boeheims should be seen and not heard.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

So here's a #HotSportsTake so scorching, one person couldn't deliver it themselves. It had to come from an entire newspaper editorial board.

Jim Boeheim Should Be Suspended For Saying The Word Shit. - The Auburn Citizen

Imagine this scenario: The head of the biology department at Syracuse University is meeting publicly with a group of reporters and responds to a question with, "I don't give a (bleep) about that." That person might get fired. Or at least be asked by the university to make a public apology.

So how does men's basketball coach Jim Boeheim keep getting away with it?

...Boeheim needs a timeout, and the university should have given him one in the form of a one-game suspension. Because when the head of the basketball program uses vulgar language in public with no repercussions, Syracuse University sends a clear message about its top priority. And nobody believes that it's the biology department.

There was only one thing missing from this to make it a perfect Take and allow me to add it in:

So, three things...

1. Jim Boeheim should be suspended for saying the word shit. He probably shouldn't have said it and he certainly shouldn't pepper entire press conferences with it. The reporter shouldn't have asked such a leading question, either. Besides, he apologized to the reporter anyway. I wasn't offended. He doesn't need to apologize to me. And if you feel like you need an apology from him, you might beed to reassess the things in your life that you allow to offend you.

2. If you were so offended by the time he said Syracuse wouldn't have won ten fucking games without Gerry McNamara, why didn't you call for a suspension then? Because everyone loved it. You can't find me a Syracuse fan who doesn't love that reaction.

3. I hate to get too big picture here but has anyone else felt like we've reached peak You Must Pay For Your Transgressions With Your Life mode? Where we always this quick to demand blood over things that don't warrant it? Say what you want about Brian Williams but six months unpaid sure seems like an insane punishment for what basically amounts to telling a story, especially compared to the unethical breaches so many of his colleagues have made and continue to make. If something a person says bothers you, cool, let it be known. But do you also have to DEMAND an apology? Does that person ABSOLUTELY have to be fired? Do we need to threaten boycotts and petitions and sweeping changes over everything now? I know, we're just talking about someone calling for a one-game suspension of a basketball coach. But, and I don't know, this whole "We Demand Recompense" movement that seems to have overtaken common sense is just getting to be too much. We don't have to apologize for everything we do just because it offends a couple people (I mean, there are times when we do, and I believe we know the difference, but, this isn't one of them).