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44 Things You CAN Cry About Other Than the ACC Atlantic Division Schedule

Oh, hey Buzzfeed... didn't see you there.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

While chatting with ESPN's ACC reporter Andrea Adelson yesterday, Syracuse football coach Scott Shafer dropped some nuggets of interest (there's probably a full story going up on ESPN while I'm still asleep in the morning here on the Best Coast) (Ed. Note - Yep!). One of which was this:

So despite leaving out the signature #hardnosed commentary there, it seems like he's insinuating that at the very least. You can't cry over #hardnosed things, people. The ACC Atlantic division schedule -- loaded with worldbeaters like Florida State, Clemson and (I mean, I guess...) Louisville -- being one of them.

That got us thinking, though: If you can't cry about that, then what CAN you cry about?

44 things, to be be exact. All of which are very much related to our beloved Syracuse in some way shape or form. So join us below for a list of things you'll probably recommend we left on Buzzfeed, "where they belong."

44 Things You CAN Cry About Other Than the ACC Atlantic Division Schedule

1. Mondays. (of course)

Mondays puppy

2. Bubble Screens

Need a link? Here's one. I'm sure you can find the rest. I'll wait over here. Sobbing.

3. Syracuse Weather. Or the lack of plowing on SU sidewalks. Or people who complain about the weather.

I looked at the weather forecast for Syracuse on Sunday night, and while I'm not experiencing that disaster (it was 76 degrees today!), I feel for those of you that are.

Syracuse Weather

4. Syracuse's non-conference football schedule

Think it's too difficult? Think it's too easy that one time we don't schedule three Power Five opponents outside of league play? Get those tears out.

5. Local supporters and bloggers who don't support Syracuse sports teams

Though Jim's watching, you #disloyalidiot.

Jim Boeheim Disloyal Idiot

6. Lack of orange in the football uniforms.

Gallery Photo:

7. Lack of "true road games" in basketball


8. Nooners

Because if you thought it was tough to get this fickle fan base to the Dome for a football game before, imagine forcing the hungover masses to get there at NOON. "HOW DARE YOU, DOCTOR GROSS?!"

9. The temporary parking lane on Comstock... and the fact that they already got rid of it after one semester.

10. Chuck's new management

... because in my day, you could just show up, drink your $3.50 pitcher of Miller Lite and write on the walls until you passed out.

Chuck's Cafe

11. Lucky's/The Orange/The Orange Crate Brewing Company name

Oh man, why did no one clue me in on this earlier? And could someone clue me in on this one now? Because this side of Aaron Goldfarb, how many other Syracuse alums will talk incessantly about beer labels, brewery names and their favorite hop varieties more than yours truly? I WANT TO CRY ABOUT THIS. Someone spill the beans in the comments.


THIS IS NOT ONE OF SYRACUSE'S OFFICIAL COLORS, YOU CLOWNS! OH MY GOD, MAKE IT GO AWAY!!! ("neither is blue," said trolls and Wikipedia)


13. No more Taco Bell in Kimmel

'Nuff said. Pour one out for the fallen 2 a.m. quesadillas. And by "one," I mean a packet of fire sauce that your friends probably bet you that you wouldn't chug one time freshman year.

14. No more Castle Court


15. ... Or if you're not a current student: #SaveCuse

God, the people in this video were awful. YouTube hated it so much that it was pulled. I could keep going, but in conclusion...

Clint Eastwood

16. Chancellors after Nancy Cantor


Love and Other Drugs Fair

17. Lack of Christmas puns in March this year

We'll always have trolling Marquette and Georgetown simultaneously at the Verizon Center, which created the greatest photo of Syracuse basketball's last decade. But we wanted MORE!

Rakeem Christmas Otto Hug

18. Manny's ridiculous t-shirt slogan decisions

From the minds that likely brought you #SaveCuse, it's an embarrassing callback to an actual national tragedy...

Mannys Cuse Strong Shirt

19. Townies

Townies: "Replace that with 'carpetbagger Cuse alums,' you California asshole."

20. #StandAndClap

Oh boy... The pro and con arguments, for those who forgot we NEED to choose a side here.

21. Chancellor Syverud went to Georgetown

People forget that. They shouldn't...

Your Mom's a Hoya

22. The lack of Syracuse QBs with an O' in their last name

Why, John O'Korn, why?! Oh... (probably)

Joe McCoy

23. Our unretractable roof


24. That #TeamDeer people still think they're right


25. That #TeamBear people still think they're right


26. People who order shitty beer at Flip Night


Real Housewives Table Flip


(and for SUNY-ESF students/grads, probably Syracuse... except when you REALLY wanted to get into Beer and Wine Tasting)

28. Weird dudes that tweet at recruits


Sup, Doug?

30. Billy Fuccillo

Billy Fuccillo

31. Excessive number of emails. In particular, excessive number of emails about t-shirts.

Oprah Shirts

32. #Disloyalidiots

Covered above? Not so fast. This one's about media people. Sorry, Andy Katz. And myself, at times...

33. The fact that 50 percent of SU guards aren't allowed to shoot threes

Because you can only get torn apart by Jim Boeheim in a public setting so many times before the message is painfully hammered home. And if Ron himself can cry about it, so can you, Syracuse fan!

34. That the XFL Hall of Fame has yet to invite our own Tim Lester

I mean.. c'mon!

tim lester

35. The never-ending Syracuse free-throw percentage saga

36. That SU doesn't have a hockey team with 15 feet of snow on the ground

Because, seriously, DOC.

Veruca Salt Willy Wonka

37. Len Elmore

And he feels similarly!

38. Terry Cooney's lack of recent playing time

Just because Trevor seems well-adjusted doesn't mean Terry doesn't want to get minutes, Jim. He just wants to live! (pictured: Tyler Cooney, because his photo's more entertaining)

tyler cooney

39. The knees of Syracuse's big men

Because as entertaining as those sweaters can be, Dajuan, we'd love to see you back on the court.

40. #Restore44

Well isn't this convenient!

Restore44 Robert Washington

41. Syracuse basketball "cousins"

Find me a Syracuse basketball player, and I'll locate his cousin... because he's probably his teammate (or maybe NOT his cousin). If this annoys you, cry away!

42. commenters

At least "the Asylum" gave us willjunior, though. Otherwise, it's just a lot of this:

And Here We Go Joker

43. Women's basketball attendance

We're going to have to yell about this some more, aren't we?

44. Bud Polquin's Pen Pal from South Carolina

You know, from that school we don't like much...

Nighmare Clemson


Obviously a whole lot more "things you CAN cry about" where those came from. Share yours in the comments.