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Syracuse Football Recruiting: Babers, Staff Giving a Sense of New (and Old) Targets

Coach Babers and staff have been busy on the recruiting trail since taking over the program.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

After taking over the reigns on Monday, the new staff called several of the Class of 2016 recruits. Near the top of that list was athlete Moe Neal. Babers and assistant coach Kim McCloud, whose roles with Syracuse has yet to be defined, called Neal to tell him they still wanted him to attend Syracuse. By Tuesday, McCloud flew to North Carolina to meet with Neal. The result: Neal re-confirmed his commitment to the Syracuse Orange, telling CuseNation that he is 100% committed to Syracuse.

Two more recruits who the staff view as high priority targets are quarterback Rex Culpepper and safety Scoop Bradshaw. They received phone calls on Monday as well and have planned to take their official visit this weekend to meet the new staff.

The staff's also been elsewhere, looking to hold together the 2016 class and attract new names -- and they've even attracted a new commitment already, Wisconsin OT Airon Servais.


In his introductory press conference, Coach Babers made it clear that he would not "poach" recruits verbally committed to his former school, but indicated that if a recruit de-committed from Bowling Green, that recruit became "fair game", so to speak. Bowling Green's highest rated recruit, 3 star wide receiver Terrence Landers has de-committed from the Falcons, and is likely to receive an offer from Syracuse in the coming days.

Social media plays a big role in recruiting these days. Twitter is often used to communicate between coaches and recruits. Since being announced as the new coach of the Syracuse Orange on Monday, here's is a list of new targets who Coach Babers has begun to follow on his Twitter account:

2016 4 Star Offensive Tackle Sean Foster - Mundelein, Illinois

2017 3 Star Running Back Weston Bridges - Copley, Ohio

2017 5 Star Offensive Tackle Isaiah Wilson - Brooklyn, New York

2017 4 Star Quarterback Jack Coan - Sayville, New York

2017 4 Star Defensive Tackle - Romello Martin - Brooklyn, New York

2017 3 Star Offensive Tackle - Ethan Wiederkehr - Shoreham, New York

2016 4 Star Quarterback - Anthony Brown - Holmdel, New Jersey

2017 4 Star Offensive Tackle - Carter Lynch - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2017 4 Star Wide Receiver - Mark Webb -  Warminster, Pennsylvania

2017 3 Star Running Back - Damion Barber - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

2017 4 Star Offensive Guard - CJ Thorpe - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2017 4 Star Defensive Tackle - DJ Jeter - Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

2017 4 Star Running Back - D'Andre Swift - Philadelphia Pennsylvania


If these targets are any indication, Coach Babers is certainly setting his sights high and trying to bring highly rated talent. The question is whether he and his staff will be able to land such quality recruits.