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Syracuse Football: What Does Dino Babers's Coaching Staff Look Like So Far?

A good chunk of the Syracuse Football staff is already known (and coming over from Bowling Green). Let's see what we've got...

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Dino Babers has officially been on the job for the Syracuse Orange for a few days but he's already put together a large portion of his coaching staff. As you probably guessed, a lot of guys are coming over from the Bowling Green Falcons. Let's see where we stand right now (H/T: Syracuse.comCuse Nation):

Co-Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach

Bowling Green co-offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Sean Lewis made it easy and just swapped his Twitter profile to tell us he'll be doing the same stuff over here. He used to work with wide receivers but it looks like he's turned his attention elsewhere.

Co-Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach

Once a RB coach, Mike Lynch has been co-OC/OL coach for Babers for the last two years and that will probably continue. He's already on the recruiting trail. He was at Eastern Illinois before Babers got there and he must've been pretty good cause Dino has kept him around since. Twitter profile MIA.

Wide Receivers Coach(...?)

Kim McCloud hasn't changed his Twitter profile yet but he's 100% on board. Exactly what his role will be remains to be seen. He was most-recently the assistant head coach and wide receivers coach at Bowling Green but he also served as defensive coordinator in the past. He transitioned to this new gig this year, but there's no telling if he'll stay there. Stay tuned.

Outside Receivers Coach

Andrew Sowder will be coming over from Bowling Green to run the same position he ran over there. He should be working with some pretty talented guys since SU returns good wideouts and also has access to some "hybrids" who are no longer "hybrids." He's got Baylor recruiting roots and he's been following Babers ever since (Twitter bio here).

Tight Ends Coach

Tom Freeman is an interesting coach on the staff as he's older (30 years experience) and he was actually Babers' OG/C coach at Hawaii when he was a player. He's also coached with Babers at Arizona State, Purdue, Pittsburgh and EIU. He coached the defensive line there but apparently he'll be moving over to offense at SU. His Twitter profile is private. Didn't know coaches even did that. There's also rumors he'll retire, so this one could be open again very soon.

Defensive Coordinator

Brian Ward made it official last night by switching his Twitter bio to read that he's Syracuse's DC (while also interim coach at Bowling Green until their bowl game). Babers all but admitted that Ward was the guy at his intro press conference and later said it was him by name without saying Ward was 100% in. Guess he is now.

Linebackers Coach/Special Teams Coach

Tom Kaufman coached the defensive line at EIU and linebackers at Bowling Green so he'll keep doing that but expand his services to include special teams as well (what a concept!). No change to the Twitter bio yet.

Safeties Coach

Nick Monroe has spent two years working for Babers and he's coming over as well. He brings some unique qualities with him. He's actually got Northeast connections (six seasons at Colgate). He also brings some quality recruiting bonafides as well, having a great reputation for bringing key Miami recruits up North. Let's update that profile!

Still to be determined...

Looks like there's still some gaps, including Defensive Line, Cornerbacks and Running Backs but we'll see if some of the aforementioned guys shift into those one or two of those roles as well.

There's also a campaign going to get Coyle and/or Babers to retain Will Hicks, who has been assistant athletics director for athletic performance for the last eight years. That may not be likely as Babers's strength staff is expected to come to Syracuse as well.