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Syracuse Football Recruiting Update: Babers and Staff Making Moves

With the dead period just around the corner, new Head Coach Dino Babers is looking to hold together the Orange's 2016 Class

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Babers has until Sunday to communicate with recruits before the "dead period" (or no contact allowed) sets in. Because of this, he and his staff have the interesting and challenging task of not only selling his vision of Syracuse to previously committed/targeted recruits, but filling out the class with people he's kept an eye on while at Bowling Green. Obviously, the boots have hit the ground.

So let's break down what we know, via our recruiting guy Brad Pilatzke.

Recruits who new staff have reached out to:

Rex Culpepper, Moe Neal, Jamal HollowaySam Heckel.

Confirmed staff have not contacted yet:

Dymelle Parker, Monquavion Brinson, Cam DeGeorge, and Taylor Riggins.

And there are some new targets in the mix.

Sean Foster is a 4-star OT from Carmel Catholic HS in Mundelin IL. (followed by Babers, Sean Lewis yesterday but we offered him back in February).

Anthony Brown is a 3- star QB, from NJ who is committed to Boston College, but was a big Syracuse target. He is an early-enrollee and thus he only has 11 days to make a decision. He may schedule an official to Syracuse ASAP.

Scout's alluded to other targets the staff will be looking to flip, but that's paywall-protected. You can make any assumptions you'd like by browsing the follow list Babers has going right now.

Top-rated Bowling Green commit Terrance Landers (3-star WR) said he'd flip to Syracuse if Babers offered him. He decommitted on Sunday.


We'll keep everything updated as we get more information, but it's clear that the Orange aren't wasting any time before the dead period sets in. No matter what, while this class may not entirely be his, Babers has taken this as an opportunity to put his stamp on the class.