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Syracuse Orange Basketball: Tyler Lydon Projected As First Round Pick in 2017

We all kinda knew Tyler Lydon was going to shoot up draft boards and he is! Just not the ones for 2016.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

After the Battle 4 Atlantis, we all got really, really, really, excited about Tyler Lydon and justifiably so. Michael has gone into detail about how Lydon's ability on both defense and offense enables the Syracuse Orange offense to be most effective and we all have gotten used to some young gun coming in and lighting up the Dome.

Naturally, with the recent history of Dion Waiters, Michael-Carter Williams and Tyler Ennis, the NBA questions starting happening. Jim Boeheim hasn't said anything (yet) but if you've paid any attention in years past or read his book, he's a strong advocate for the two-year plan. Most of the comments when this question comes up looks at Lydon's bulk (or lack thereof) as the major reason two years is probably the best plan for everyone.

It looks as if NBA scouts agree, for now.

Lydon is currently predicted as the 16th overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft according to, the site that regularly tracks this kind of stuff.

The critiques are all things we knew: still filling out, can't utilize his size inside yet, and struggling to finish around the basket. But what we have seen what he can do: play smart, hard, drain threes and matchup anywhere on the floor.


So I think we all agree this is probably best case for everyone involved, but what do you think? Will Lydon keep shooting up boards for 2016?