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Syracuse Football: Dino Babers Teaches Us All About His Name

1. How did you end up with the name "Dino?" 2. "How do we properly pronounce your last name?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Let's be honest. When you look at Syracuse Orange head coach Dino Babers, your first thought probably isn't to think "that's a guy named Dino." You also may have some confusion about his last name and how to pronounce it.

Thankfully, Chris Carlson sorted things out for us, even if that won't prevent people from calling him "Dino Barbers" on Twitter.

How to pronounce his last name:

"Bay, like, uh, a bay. And then Berz."

On the uniqueness of his first name:

"It's not unique, it's Italian."

How he ends up with an Italian first name:

My Dad, whose past away now, was in the Navy...went to watch a movie...the movie was called Zorro. I think you've heard of that character before. And, not the main Zorro guy, but there was a character...that my Dad just fell in love he waited until the credits rolled at the end of the movie to find out what that person's real name was...and that character's first name was Dino.

If someone wants to fact-check and find out which Zorro movie that is, you'll be our hero.

Ed. - Credit to MarshallSt. for finding "I Nipoti di Zorro," a 1968 Italian Zorro film that includes "Edoardo Verde (as Dino Verde)."