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Syracuse vs Pittsburgh: Official TNIAAM Predictions & Poll

The Orange kick off ACC play against longtime rival Pitt. Can they get off to a good start?

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange and Pittsburgh Panthers have played one another 106 times. The 107th is this evening as both teams open ACC play.

Opening tip is scheduled for 9:00 p.m. at the Peterson Center and the game will be televised on ESPN2/3.

The Orange enters Wednesday's game on a three-game winning streak, they'll be facing a tall task against the Panthers. Winning in Pittsburgh is never easy, especially when Pitt comes into the game 10-1 and ranked No. 25 in the latest Coaches Poll. There's a reason they're favored by 9 points.

Can SU pull off the upset? Let's see what everyone thinks...

Michael Burke

Pittsburgh 79 - Syracuse 70
Pittsburgh is always difficult to beat at home, and this time around won't be any different. The Panthers, who have one of the more high-powered offenses in the country, will use a 3-point barrage to hand Syracuse a loss in this ACC opener.

Kevin Wall

Pittsburgh 78 - Syracuse 71
The Petersen Center hasn't been kind to the Orange and even with the Oakland Zoo on break, it won't be easy for Syracuse to open ACC play with a win. I think James Robinson will be the key to the game, and if Syracuse wants to win, they will need to get him to turn the ball over more than he has been all season.

Kenny Lacy

Syracuse 77 - Pittsburgh 71
Pittsburgh is 10-1, but the competition they have faced has not been great. Syracuse and Pittsburgh games are always close and if Syracuse can play like they are capable and hit their shots from long range this game can easily swing in favor of the Orange. The Orange will have to contain Michael Young on offense as well as on the glass, if they can do that then the Orange have a strong chance of leaving the Petersen Events Center with a win to open up ACC play.

James Szuba

Pittsburgh 75 - Syracuse 65
Pittsburgh has a veteran group under Jamie Dixon this year that plays that tough, gritty style of basketball that epitomizes every single Pittsburgh team since the incarnation of Panther basketball. The only difference is that Pittsburgh scores the basketball this year. Couple that with playing in at the Pete and that doesn't bode well for Syracuse. It will be interesting to see if the Zoo is as hostile with students on break, but I still expect Pittsburgh to win this one.

Andrew Carey

Pittsburgh 67 - Syracuse 62
I think the Orange will play competitively throughout the contest, but will come up short. Playing Pitt in the Oakland Zoo is always a tremendous test and the freshman will certainly be thrown into the fire for their first ACC game. I think Artis and Young will be too much for the Orange to handle down low, Pitt will dominate the glass and come out with a win.

John Cassillo

Pittsburgh 71 - Syracuse 62

Michael Young and Jamel Artis are going to frustrate this lackluster Syracuse defense if recent trends hold. That's aggravating when put so bluntly, but it's true. And that's before you consider the other shooters the Panthers can throw at the Orange from the perimeter. St. John's gave a solid blueprint for beating this team, and that was with a mediocre group of players. Pitt's more talented on both ends. I'm a bit concerned, especially on the road.

Sean Keeley

Pittsburgh 69 - Syracuse 60
This doesn't really feel like a game Syracuse is going to win, right? It's at Pitt, they're really good and we're way too streaky for this kind of thing. We might need to consider this one of those learning experiences for the freshman that will hopefully serve them better down the road. One saving grace is that the students aren't there so the Zoo might not be too crazy this time around.

How about you?