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Jim Boeheim Talks Pittsburgh & DaJuan Coleman With Matt Park

Jim Boeheim talked with the Voice of the Orange about Syracuse's first ACC matchup against Pittsburgh and his junior big man.

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During Jim Boeheim's nine game suspension, Matt Park has been hosting the adjourned Syracuse head coach on TK99 for weekly installments of what is now denominated as "The Jim Boeheim Show." There's never a dull Boeheim media moment as last week the Lyons native gave what could be arguably the greatest analogy in Syracuse basketball history.

This week's show wasn't as colorful, but Boeheim did shed some light on what he thinks of his starting big man, DaJuan Coleman. "I think everybody has to be pretty happy with what he's done," Boeheim Said.

"He's certainly at this stage exceeded expectations, I think, in terms of how he's moving on offense. Defensively we know that quickness, that lateral movement is not there yet. But I think he's made some great strides and is doing some great things for us right now."

Boeheim went on to preview Syracuse's matchup against Pittsburgh.

"They're a good rebounding team, they're a very good shooting team and they're a good defensive team and it doesn't matter what our team is. Those things are always hard to play against. They've got experience, seniors, they added a couple senior transfers in and got juniors and seniors. There are not many teams that start two, you know, senior guards, one a fifth-year player, two junior forwards and then a senior center, fifth-year center, so there aren't many people that have those kinds of experience and talent so it's a tremendous challenge for us for our first road game, conference road game."

Boeheim has three games remaining on his suspension and will return to action on January 9th when Syracuse takes on North Carolina at the Dome.