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The Syracuse Coaching Search Sexy-O-Meter: December 3, 2015

Is the Sexy-O-Meter no longer necessary? Not until someone has actually been hired!

Once again, the guy atop the previous Syracuse Orange Coaching Search Sexy-O-Meter is no longer in the running. So we need to get up to speed!


1. Dino Babers (HC, Bowling Green) - Now that Chris Ash has pulled out of contention (or was that just the PR face-saving way of putting it?), Babers not only appears to be the front-runner but people seem to be talking about him as if he's already been hired. Yes, there's that one dumb-dumb out there saying Babers is official but we all know not to trust him. That said, he may still be right. Babers has said he's focused on the MAC Championship on Saturday. After that??? It'd be weird that the guy who was supposed to go to UCF comes to Syracuse and the guy who was supposed to come to Syracuse ended up at UCF. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, three days is a long time in the world of college football.

2. Matt Rhule (HC, Temple) - Why would the guy who turned down Missouri want to come to Syracuse? Well, the stakes are lower and there isn't quite the same campus issues here. We're smooth sailing by comparison.

3. Dave Warner (co-OC, Michigan State) - The Syracuse quarterback is still lurking out there as a backup plan. You feel that too, right?

4. Ed Orgeron (DL - LSU) - At this point it's more likely that DACOACHO would be the DC, which, actually sounds great.

5. Mike Sanford (OC, Notre Dame) - If Sanford is gonna leave, it'll probably be for Virginia.

Honestly, at this point it doesn't seem like anyone else is even worth discussing. The coaching search names seem to dry up here and if guys like Moglia and Diaco were involved, we'd probably know it. We'll see if we've reached our logical conclusion or if we're all being taken for a ride with the Babers rumors.