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With His First Pro Bowl Selection, Chandler Jones is 25th Syracuse Alum to Be Honored

Congrats to Chandler Jones!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Despite what's gone on for much of the last 15 years, we're all pretty familiar with the history and tradition of success the Syracuse Orange football program has enjoyed. Along with a host of collegiate accolades, Orange players have also gone on to the NFL in droves. Don't believe me? Here's a full list of SU alums that have played in the NFL.

Even with those 246 names, though, just 24 had been Pro Bowlers. We can now make it 25.

Yesterday, the 2016 Pro Bowl rosters were announced, and among the names included was that of former Syracuse defensive end Chandler Jones. The now-New England Patriots standout has racked up 12.5 sacks so far this season, which is fourth in the league.

Whatever you may think about the Pats (and if you're me, it's nothing good), you can probably find yourself rooting for Jones's success every Sunday just the same. Since being selected in the first round back in 2012, he's grown into a force within the league, securing 36 sacks, 10 forced fumbles and an interception, along with last year's Super Bowl win.

Now, Jones may not end up playing in the Pro Bowl if the Patriots get back to the Super Bowl (thanks, stupid rules that end up eliminating some of the game's best players). But nonetheless, he joins an elite collection of Orange alums -- many you know, and some you may not.

The full list of former Syracuse players who've participated in the Pro Bowl over the years, with total seasons included as well:

Jim Ringo C 10 Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles
Jim Brown RB 9 Cleveland Browns
Walt Sweeney OG 9 San Diego Chargers
Marvin Harrison WR 8 Indianapolis Colts
Dwight Freeney DE 7 Indianapolis Colts
Donovan McNabb QB 6 Philadelphia Eagles
Larry Csonka RB 5 Miami Dolphins
Floyd Little RB 5 Denver Broncos
John Mackey TE 5 Baltimore Colts
Gary Anderson K 4 Pittsburgh Steelers, Minnesota Vikings
Art Monk WR 3 Washington Redskins
Daryl Johnston FB 2 Dallas Cowboys
Rob Moore WR 2 New York Jets, Arizona Cardinals
Joe Morris RB 2 New York Giants
Jim Nance RB 2 Boston Patriots
Stan Walters OT 2 Philadelphia Eagles
Keith Bulluck LB 1 Tennessee Titans
Rob Burnett DE 1 Cleveland Browns
Jim Collins LB 1 Los Angeles Rams
Olindo Mare K 1 Miami Dolphins
Tom  Myers DE 1 New Orleans Saints
David Tyree WR 1 New York Giants
Otis Wilson LB 1 Chicago Bears
Al Bemiller OG 1 Buffalo Bills
Chandler Jones DE 1 New England Patriots

You figured Jim Brown was high on the list, but did you see other leaders like Jim Ringo and Walt Sweeney coming? Also, 90 trips for just 25 players is a nice clip. Way to go, SU players.


Jones's selection also makes for the first Syracuse Pro Bowler since Dwight Freeney in 2011 -- coincidentally the last Orange defensive end to participate in the game as well. Based on the way things have started for Jones's career, perhaps he ends up with just as many Pro Bowl trips as Freeney by the end of his career.

Congrats, Chandler! Looking forward to (hopefully) seeing you in the game... provided we watch it, of course.