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Gbinije Leads Orange in Another Elfin Category

Just when you though Michael Gbinije's season couldn't get any better, he goes and elfin does this

A week off certainly seemed to help the Syracuse Orange last night as they easily took care of the Montana State Bobcats. After the game, some of the players decided to get into the holiday spirit in the post-game interviews by incorporating the word "elf" into their responses.

Trevor Cooney, Tyler Lydon, and Michael Gbinije offered up these responses and as he's done on the court, Silent G once again took control and led the way.

Cooney tried to be subtle with his reference

"Elf, we were trying to get him (Dajuan Coleman) the ball in good spots.''

Lydon's inexperienced was showcased as he just tried to add elf at the end of statements.

"I just go out there and try to play as hard as I can, elf.'' "I try and just play the game and get a good feel for the game, elf. It's something that we try and do."

That brings us to Gbinije, who displayed creativity and efficiency in getting the elf where it needed to go.

"Chino's spin move was elf. It means it was very sneaky. Elf is sneaky."

"It was nice to see Chino get an opportunity. He took advantage of the opportunities. Elf."

"Frank got him a couple elf assists. He got offensive rebounds and he put those up for easy baskets, a lot of and-ones. He was very productive tonight. He did an elf job."

See, you don't get to be a candidate for multiple  "Elf of the Year" awards without a lot of hard work and dedication to your craft. I don't know how many North Pole residents can deliver like this:

Clearly Gbinije is ready to deliver a lot of presents to Syracuse Orange fans this season, as long as he can avoid those terrible Misers who lurk on Tobacco Road.