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Syracuse vs Montana State: Scouting The Bobcats

Bobcats? More like jerkcats.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Montana State (5-6) takes on the Syracuse Orange (8-3) in the Dome tonight at 7 p.m. Syracuse is coming off a 21-point win against Cornell on Saturday and will look to win its second straight game. Montana State comes into Syracuse limping after dropping its last two games to North Dakota State and UB.

The Bobcats are led by senior Marcus Colbert and freshman Tyler Hall. The senior/freshman duo combine to score 44.1 percent of the team's points and 42.16 percent of the team's made threes. If you though Syracuse was shooting a plethora of threes this season, consider this: Montana State shoots five more threes per game than the Orange.

Keys to the Game

Contest outside shots

Montana State shoots 39.1 percent from downtown. The Bobcats have five viable options from outside so it will be vital for Syracuse to contest outside shots.

Hold Montana State in the 60's

It seems obvious, but Montana State is 0-3 when they score in the 60's. If Syracuse can keep them around 60 points or less, the Orange will win.

Get out in Transition

Montana State allows 81.5 points per game and turns the ball over 14 times per contest. If Syracuse can force turnovers and finish in transition that should help boost the Orange's uncharacteristic transition game.


Syracuse is a 17 point favorite in this matchup. This will be Montana State's first trip to the Carrier Dome. These two teams have met once -- Syracuse won the only meeting in a 1996 NCAA Tournament matchup. Syracuse had five players in double-figures as John Wallace, Otis Hill, Jason Cipolla, Todd Burgan and Marius Janulis paved the way for the then Orangemen. Donovan McNabb also scored 2 points in that game.

The game will air on ESPN3 so if you're late getting to your television, don't worry. The game will be five minutes behind real time anyway.