Boeheim/Hopkins Herding Sheep: A Photoshop Essay

In case you missed it, Jim Boeheim said some things on his radio show with Matt Park. Basically, we all know it's different when Mike Hopkins is in charge of the Syracuse Orange and not Jimmy. Because we here are a sports blog, we decided to zero in on Boeheim comparing coaching to sheep herding. Specifically, the dogs herding said sheep.

Again, because we are a sports blog, while we were sitting in our mothers' basements, we decided to have some fun with photoshop. Below are what we imagine Jimmy B was thinking of when he spoke. Photoshop is such a beautil tool.. And of course, please submit your own so we can make this a thing all season long.

Boeheim As Corgi


Herding Sheep 2

Thanks to Kevin Wall for starting this whole mess. I'll make sure everyone's HR department has your number!