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Syracuse Fan Council Appears to Have Been Chosen

We heard about Syracuse setting up a Fan Council to help advise the athletic department. Today, emails were sent out to applicants. Here's what we know.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Athletic Department announced in October that they would set up a fan council. This is an idea Athletic Director Mark Coyle brought over from Boise State and is to help streamline the conversation between fans and those in charge.

It looks like this council is continuing forward with the process. Your humble writer here applied, half seriously, half just in case something like today happened. It appears as if "rejection" emails were sent out this morning. Sources tell TNIAAM that those that were accepted are going to be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement that prevents them from saying anything as of yet.

Below is the email sent to those who were not accepted into the fan council.


Thank you for applying for our newly formed 'Cuse Fan Council. The response was tremendous. Nearly 700 applications were submitted for the 16 spots on the Council. Applicants from a wide cross-section of our fan base submitted thoughtful, impassioned reasons why they wanted to be a part of the process of increasing our fan base, improving our fan experience and promoting the Syracuse Athletics brand.

Here is just a small sampling of the type of statements made in applications:
"I understand the Syracuse culture and I want to connect athletics to this culture."
"The overall fan experience must be updated and improved."
"We must develop a better student game-day experience."
"We need to bring this community together in support of our football program."
"Being a Syracuse fan means everything to me"

Applicants represented a comprehensive group of fans; many identified their unique perspective in their application, for example:
"I am a current, active member of Otto's Army."
"I attended my first Syracuse game in 1937."
"I attended my first Syracuse basketball game two years ago."
"I am not a huge fan of Cuse Athletics but live in the area and would like to help."
"I am a former football season ticket holder."
"I recently purchased season tickets for men's basketball."
"I am a former Syracuse student-athlete"

The pool of candidates was strong and the decisions made to narrow down this pool to 16 were difficult. Please know that your application was reviewed and considered. This year, however, you were not selected as one of the members of the Council. Our hope is for the 'Cuse Fan Council to become a staple of our fan outreach efforts in the future and we encourage you to apply again in the coming years. We also encourage you to continue to communicate with us regarding areas of improvement within Syracuse Athletics external operations and fan engagement.

As a special thank you for taking the time to apply, we invite you and a guest to attend one of our upcoming men's basketball games. Please click this link: to reserve your tickets.

Go Orange!
John Cunningham
Deputy Athletics Director
Syracuse University