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Syracuse Football: Riley Dixon Will Grace The Senior Bowl With His Presence

SU's punter and secret Heisman winner will stop in the Senior Bowl on his road to glory.

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The problem with America is that the liberal lame-stream media would have you believe some random guy from Alabama won the Heisman Trophy.

You and I know that's a lie perpetrated by the Gettys, the Rothchilds and the Freemasons in order to sedate the masses while the truth, that Syracuse Orange punter Riley Dixon actually won the Heisman and then solved world hunger with his acceptance speech. But the powers-that-be can't let their flock of sheeple drink from the fountain of truth, can they? Oh no...

So it'll just have to be something you and I keep to ourselves for the time being. Until the uprising. Until the factions rise up as one and we overtake the evil corporate empire that has enslaved us for far too long and...

Sorry, kinda went off on a YA tangent there. Where was I?

Oh right, Riley Dixon. He's playing in the Senior Bowl.

I think you meant that the Senior Bowl has accepted Riley's invitation to host him, right?

The Senior Bowl takes place January 30, 2016 and technically-speaking, it looks like Syracuse will go bowling after all.