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Syracuse Basketball: Orange Unranked in Both Polls, As You Already Figured

No surprises. Still a bummer.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Going into this past week, the Syracuse Orange were unranked in both the AP and USA Today Coaches Polls, respectively, but not by much. However, we figured that a 2-0 week against "easy" opponents like Colgate and St. John's could bounce an 8-2 SU squad right back into the Top 25.

Then they went and got absolutely housed by St. John's on Sunday. So much for "easy."

Still, Syracuse finds itself receiving votes in both polls despite three losses in four games and a 7-3 record overall. They got just three votes in the AP, "good" for 39th overall. Their 10 votes in the Coaches Poll put them at 35th.


As for the rest of Syracuse's schedule, previous opponents Texas A&M (24th in both polls) and Connecticut (25th in the AP, unranked in Coaches) continue to hold as quality wins. Georgetown rebounding from a tough start to the year also helps soften the blow of that defeat from last weekend.

In the ACC, 8-1 Duke is your top-ranked team at 7th in the AP and 6th in the Coaches Poll, respectively. They're followed by Virginia (8th/9th), North Carolina (11th/11th), Miami (15th/19th) and Louisville (19th/16th). Along with Syracuse, Pitt and Notre Dame were other ACC teams receiving votes in both polls.

Just one game for the Orange this week, as they face annual CNY foe Cornell. While a win is expected, this team's taught us not to bank on anything so far. It's unlikely that SU finds itself back in the top 25 prior to the start of conference play with three lesser foes remaining.