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Syracuse Basketball: Area Man Talks Orange Hoops & Football on Radio Program

Some random Syracuse fan named Jim Boeheim had a lot to say about the Syracuse basketball team during a radio program on Thursday.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not entirely sure who Jim Boeheim is. I mean, he seems to be a Syracuse Orange basketball fan and that's great but I don't know if some random SU fan from Fayetteville is worthy of his own radio talk show. I mean, he's not the coach of the team so what gives him the right?

Anyway, this local yokel decided to go on and on about the team last night during his radio show. Let's see what he had to say.

On whether or not he was going to use this time to speak to the coaches:

"I couldn't tell the coaches what to do. I mean, Surprise, I'm not at practice. So I couldn't go on this show and say, 'Well, I think the coaches should really do this.' How would I know? I don't know how anybody's practicing. You don't know anything until you go into a game. You have your plan. For example, let's say we're going to play Connecticut. We didn't think Tyler Lydon was going to go in there and play 35 minutes, score 15-16 points. We had no idea that was going to happen. So the night before that game, what am I going to tell the coaches, 'Don't play Tyler Lydon if he gets hot.' You watch the game and if he plays well, you play him.

"... We have three excellent coaches who are with these guys every day and who have a really good feel for what's going on and how the game's played. They'll come down and they'll decide here's what we should do. If I'm not at practice, if I'm not watching tape of who we play . . . I would not want to advise the coaches in that situation. Unless you're there every day, unless you know what's going on, you're better off going with what they see, what they feel."

On rebounding issues coming out of the zone:

"Part of the rebounding is long rebounds. It's not necessarily on Dajuan Coleman or Tyler Roberson. They're long rebounds, (they) come out to the guard spots, that's where the guards have to come back in there. And, the facts are, you're going to get outrebounded a little bit when you play zone, but you get so many positives back. You force more turnovers, you force them to take shots they don't want to take. So in the long run, you can get outrebounded, but you've benefited in so many areas because of your defense."

On what it takes to be a successful football coach at this level:

"I think you gotta be knowledgeable, you gotta have a good personality, you gotta be a good recruiter, obviously, or get good recruiters working for you. Obviously, you gotta have a plan. I think this coach, I did get to watch him, I did get to meet him. He definitely has a plan. He's a very outgoing guy. He's got a big personality. He's very confident. I enjoyed talking to him for a few minutes. I really think he's got an idea. He knows exactly what he wants to do. And I think he absolutely believes that he can do it here.

"I think it's always a challenge, when you're in a league as tough as we are and you want to play fast, are you going to have enough people to do that, can he get them trained up to do that? And he absolutely believes he can. And in talking to him, I have every bit of confidence that he can do that. I think he'll be a tremendous recruiter. I think he's proven to be a tremendously hard worker. He's got a staff that knows him, knows what he wants. That's really important.'

On fan support of the SU football team:

"I hear people all the time say, 'I'm not going to go.' And they probably never go. But all those people who wanted to see a change, I hope they're buying season tickets and giving this new coach a chance. Because the best way to recruit is to put a lot of people in that dome so when kids come up to visit, they can see that there's an interest in Syracuse football by our fans. And I think that would be a great thing for this football program."

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