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Syracuse Football: Game-Worn Ernie Davis Jersey Up for Auction

Today, in random news to come across the newsdesk: An Ernie Davis jersey has popped up for auction in January. Starting is... ten thousand dollars.

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By now, Ernie Davis has no equal in lore of Syracuse University. There was a movie telling his story to the masses. There's not one, but two statues of him on campus. There's a dorm building with his name, a field named in his honor and images that are shown on tours of SU.

We also know that not a whole lot of Ernie Davis memorabilia lived on past his Syracuse days. His life was cut short and he lived in an era before sports collectibles became a thing. So there are no autographed helmetsjerseys or playing cards like there are for other Syracuse football legends.

So that's what makes the revelation of a game-worn Ernie Davis jersey so rare. And that's why, an auction house run out of Bohemia, NY (about 30 miles outside of New York City) is starting the bidding for a game-worn Ernie Davis jersey at $10,000 dollars.

Obviously this is really cool. There is a literal one-of-a-kind item (unless there are Ernie Davis jerseys hidden in a museum or in SU Athletics), and the people who will attempt to purchase this will be Syracuse fans willing to spend more than ten grand. (Remember, Boeheim's Duke jacket went for $14,000.) The auction is online starting January 8, and you bet I'll be keeping an eye on it.

Not going to lie though, I would LOVE to see a crowdfunded option, or a conclusion where the eventual buyer donates this to the University. Ernie was more than just a great football player. He's someone the University and fans have decided should be remembered by all students and fans as an example of what it means to be an Orange-man or -woman. Something like that "probably" belongs on campus, where Syracuse has continued to memorialize and celebrate his life.

Soooooo, have over $10,000 just sitting around and want to be part of getting this game-worn jersey back on campus? Then the above is for you.