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Syracuse Basketball Assistants, Harken to Jim Boeheim's Voice!

Jim Boeheim isn't allowed to speak with his assistants during the suspension, but he can appear on radio and they can listen. Will he pass along secret codes?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Boeheim and Mike Hopkins are not allowed to communicate while Boeheim serves his NCAA suspension and lets Hop run the Syracuse Orange program. Results have been so-so so far and I'm sure Jimmy would love to impart some wisdom if he could.

Perhaps he can, if everyone listens closely.

Since Boeheim's weekly radio appearance is contractually-obligated outside of the university, he is still allowed to get on the airwaves and talk about the team. And so, he will still appear on his hour-long show with Matt Park from 7 to 8 p.m. tonight on WTKW-TK 99. It also means he'll still appear on Gomez and Lisa on Tuesday and Friday mornings at 7:40. He also did a radio interview with Brent Axe earlier this week.

But because this is an NCAA thing, there's a hilariously-stupid stipulation in place:

The only stipulation, according to the source, is that the assistants can't be doing anything they didn't do previously. In other words, if the assistants listened to Boeheim on the radio before, they can continue doing so now. But if they didn't listen to his shows, they can't start now.

Good luck policing that, you dummies.

The only thing left to wonder now is if Boeheim will take advantage of his radio appearance to slip codes to the SU staff and players. Join the speculation (and fun) over here.