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Eric Dungey Update: 'We'll Take It One Day At A Time Right Now'

Scott Shafer provided a brief update on the status of QB Eric Dungey and talked about the upcoming game with No. 1 Clemson.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Scott Shafer had his weekly chat with Matt Park on Monday to discuss the recent Syracuse Orange game and look ahead to the next one. First things first, Shafer commented on quarterback Eric Dungey, who was injured in the closing moments of the loss to the Louisville Cardinals.

"The staff's working with him every day, making sure he's feeling better. We'll take it one day at a time right now."

Now, Shafer didn't use any specifics of course and you never want to jump to conclusions, but, you could read between the lines and figure out what's going on with Dungey based on that. Not good.

How is the rest of the squad dealing with injuries and disappointment as both continue to pile up?

"The bumps and bruises, they feel worse after losses. Not so bad after victories. Our kids are steadfast and continuing to work, fight and learn how to play the game at a higher level and stay true to having each other's back with the way we work."

In terms of the upcoming game against the Clemson Tigers, Shafer has high praise for the No. 1 team's strong defense as well as quarterback Deshaun Watson. He's also excited about the unveiling of the Plaza 44 statues, which will happen before the Clemson game.