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Second Half Thread: Louisville Leads Syracuse, 21-10 at Halftime

That's not how you put yourself in position to win...

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Within minutes of kickoff, this one looked over. The Louisville Cardinals, with third-string quarterback Kyle Bolin under center, drove right down the field and scored on a Syracuse Orange defense that looked completely out-manned on the four-play possession. A quick three and out by SU after had us all thinking gloom-and-doom, but a timely interception by Cordell Hudson breathed new life into the Orange.

Following the INT, Eric Dungey led the team down the field quickly, culminating in an Ervin Philips scamper into the end zone. And on another nice drive, the Orange came away with a field goal and a 10-7 lead.

Then, things started unraveling again.

Louisville methodically worked down the field against Syracuse, but fumbled inside the 5-yard line to rob themselves of the likely touchdown. Momentum started shifting when the Orange went three and out on the following drive, and would finally swing back toward the Cards on a telegraphed pick-six by Dungey just as the team appeared to get things going on offense again.

The Cards added on an easy (for them) TD after an eight-play, 89-yard drive to increase the lead to 21-10, and the teams traded some punts to get us to half time (though not without both attempting to score again).


Dungey, who started the game fairly well, is just 7-of-15 for 84 yards with a pick. He's also run for 22 yards, though is under some pretty consistent pressure as of the second quarter. While Jordan Fredericks has had some trouble moving the pile with much consistency (eight carries for 27 yards), the team's use of Philips has breathed some life into his game -- as he has five carries for 22 yards.

Over on the Louisville side, Bolin's already thrown for 241 yards, a touchdown and a pick on just 14 completions. You're enraged. You should be.


This is your second half thread. Please find a way to pull out a win here, Syracuse.