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Syracuse Football Uniform Watch: Orange Going All-White vs. Louisville

The Orange go back to white for this weekend's game at Louisville.

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange will go back to the all-white-everything look when they take on the Louisville Cardinals this weekend.

It's the second time Syracuse will go white helmet, white jersey and white pants. They wore that combo in the road loss to Virginia a couple weeks back. Oddly, however, the white-white-white combo is among our most successful when it comes to actually winning while wearing them, so, sounds good.

No word yet on the Louisville uniforms though they'll probably be wearing red jerseys. That's their thing.

At the risk of being a jinx, we've now made it two-thirds of the season without seeing the platinums. Dare I wish upon a star that we might make it the whole way without seeing them? Of course, just by mentioning it, we're going to wear them against Clemson now, aren't we? Dammit.