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Cyber Monday Deals For Syracuse Fans at the TNIAAM Shoppe

Because you always need more Syracuse t-shirts. Use the code CYBERSBN15 today only and get 15% your entire order.

The TNIAAM Ugly Sweater T-Shirt

Ben Schwartzwalder once said that winning the 1959 National Championship was the second-best day of his life and the best was every Cyber Monday when he got great deals on PlayStation games. He was ahead of his time in so many ways.

It's Cyber Monday 2015 and we here at TNIAAM want to make sure Syracuse Orange fans are able to take advantage of great deals on the most important items in a Syracuse fan's arsenal...T-SHIRTS!

1. Head over to the TNIAAM Shoppe where you choose from the TNIAAM Ugly Sweater (two versions) shirt, the Guy Boeheim shirt, the New York State is Ours shirt and many more.

2. Choose the shirt(s) you want.

3. Paste the code CYBERSBN15 into the promo code box on the shopping cart page or checkout page and get 15% your entire order.

4. Purchase your new t-shirts to join all the other Syracuse-themed t-shirts in your closet.

That promo code is only good for Cyber Monday so use it and use it well. And remember, the code works for you whether you're #TeamBear to #TeamDeer.