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The Syracuse Coaching Search Sexy-O-Meter: 2015 Edition

It's the return of the highly-scientific tool used to determine who is the sexiest pick on that given day for the next Syracuse Orange football coach.

On December 6th, 2008, the Syracuse Coaching Search Sexy-O-Meter was born. When Doug Marrone was hired on December 11th, 2008, we thought we'd seen the last of this highly-scientific tool used to determine who is the sexiest pick on that given day for the next Syracuse Orange football coach. We were wrong.

The SCSSOM returned on January 7, 2013 when Doug Marrone left for the tropical shores of Buffalo. It's return was short-lived, however, as Scott Shafer was hired two days later.

But now, Shafer's time as the head coach of the Orange is over and it's time to find a new head honcho for us to get excited about and eventually sour on.

And so, without further ado, I give you the Inaugural 2015 Syracuse Coaching Search Sexy-O-Meter!


Because I know some of you will forget or not pay attention (and let me know about it in the comments), this is a reminder that the SOM measures "sexiness" or presumed excitement about a coach and not whether or not that coach is actually the top prospect for the job. The SCSSOM is not here to determine who is the best person for the job, it only measures who people seem to think is the best person right here and right now.

And so...

1. Scott Frost (OC, Oregon) - The Duck's offensive coordinator is a hot prospect in general. According to Pete Thamel, he's high on Syracuse's list and there's a decent chance Coyle has already gone to meet with him. Coyle also apparently had his eye on Frost when he was hiring Chris Peterson's replacement at Boise State. For SU fans who want Chip Kelly, he's Chip Kelly without Chip Kelly's price tag. There's an unsubstantiated rumor going around that SU has already come to terms with Frost but believe that when you see it.

2. Ed Orgeron (DL - LSU) - Orgeron is mostly in the conversation because he put himself in it. He used to work at Syracuse and had made it clear he'd love to return. Many SU fans have expressed interest in the recruiting whiz who also brings national cache with him. Of course he also bombed out as HC at Ole Miss. His name is one letter away from spelling "orange" however.

3. Dino Babers (HC, Bowling Green) - Babers was also included in Pete Thamel's piece as someone high on SU's list. After 27 years as an assistant he took over an EIU and turned them into a FCS power. He's put together two great seasons at Bowling Green too. While most of his experience is in the West, he's a proven winner. Also he's literally a life-saver. (He may already be off the board, however).

4. Joe Moglia (HC, Coastal Carolina) - The most fascinating candidate in the mix, the former CEO has done wonders at Coastal Carolina. He could very well be Mike Leach East and bring a unique connection to Manhattan for New York's College Team.

5. Bob Diaco (HC, UConn) - Picking off UConn's coach might not seem great but he's clearly proving that he can take a basement-dwelling Northeastern football team and make it mediocre, which is nothing to sneeze at. He's a Jersey boy, got lots of Midwest experience and his name has officially popped up in one report of potential SU candidates.

6. D.J. Durkin (DC, Michigan) - He may or may not be Maryland-bound by the time you read this. He's considered a strong candidate for that tier of schools (which SU is a part of).

7. Mike Bloomgren (OC, Stanford) - The Florida native's name came up in Thamel's report, though it's unclear if he meant that SU has actual interest in him. Before going to Stanford he spent some time with the New York Jets. He's a Florida native, if that does anything for you.

8. Mike Sanford (OC, Notre Dame) - Virginia folks seem to think Sanford is headed there but keep in mind that Coyle and he worked together at Boise State when he was OC there. He's got a great coaching pedigree but his age and lack of head coaching experience hold him back. Would he make more sense for a MAC school?

9. Joe Moorhead (HC, Fordham) - Moorhead is a guy whose name has been included in shortlists for a while now. He's done well at Fordham but there's nothing really all that sexy about that. He also worked at both Georgetown and UConn previously (gross).

10. P.J. Fleck (HC, WMU) - Possibly one of the best recruiters on the list, he'd probably be hire if Syracuse had a better chance of landing him.

Others Receiving Votes: Dave Warner (MSU DC), Teryl Austin (Lions DC), Doug Marrone (Jaguars OL), Lincoln Riley (Oklahoma OC), Jeff Stoutland (Eagles OL), Ed Warinner (OSU co-OC), Randy Edsall (former Maryland HC)