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Syracuse Men's Soccer: Orange Move On To National Quarterfinal

The Syracuse Orange men's soccer team was able to hold off the Seattle Redhawks and secure their trip to the NCAA Quarterfinals. Where they will face the Boston College Eagles for all the #OrangeEagle points.

The Orange point scorers after the Syracuse win over Seattle University
The Orange point scorers after the Syracuse win over Seattle University
SU Men's Soccer Twitter

The Syracuse Orange continued their six game unbeaten streak with a 3-1 victory over the Seattle Redhawks. The Orange move to 15-5-3 on the year and stay alive in the NCAA Tournament. The Orange will be playing at home for the third NCAA game in a row, as they host the Boston College Eagles next Saturday at 2pm with many OrangeEagle points on the line.

Syracuse opened the scoring right off the bat. Miles Robinson put home the opener in the second minute off of a Liam Callahan cross that opened to scoring. Dare I say I thought they had scored too early? I was wrong however and the Orange controlled the pace through the first half, keeping David Olsen in check and the rest of the Seattle team on edge. In the middle of the first period the Orange capitalized and netted their second, with Noah Rhynhart finishing another feed from Callahan.

The break changed the pace of the game and Seattle came back stronger in the second. They were able to get one back off of a real strange run of play, with a nice save by Hendrick Hilpert sent back to the foot of Olsen, the Sey aattle forward. Olsen whiffed the put back, fell down and then proceeded to roll over, slashing at the ball, nutmeg Hilpert and roll the ball into the back of the net. Syracuse quickly answered, with Kamal Miller hammering home a header off of a Julian Buescher cross in the 72nd minute. That would end the scoring and ensure the Orange advance to the next round.

The Orange will host the Boston College Eagles next weekend, hoping to continue the run for the Orange and improve on the Orange Eagle margin.