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Battle 4 Atlantis: Syracuse vs. UConn Official Predictions & Poll

It's The Big East in Paradise!

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, it's our old friends? the Connecticut Huskies! The Syracuse Orange get reacquainted with the team most likely to go to overtime against us today when they meet in the 2015 Battle 4 Atlantis semifinals. Will the Orange walk away from this Big East reunion in paradise with a victory and a place in the championship game? Or will they have a repeat of the last time these two met? Let's see what everyone thinks.

Michael Burke

UConn 66 - Syracuse 56
I see Syracuse simply going cold from beyond the arc in this one. Connecticut is one of the better teams in the country at defending the 3, as Michigan found out last night. That's a recipe for disaster for the Orange, because, like Jim Boeheim has said, they're going to struggle to win games if they can't make 3s.

James Szuba

UConn 70 - Syracuse 62
UConn has excellent guards that won't turn the ball over and ultimately the Huskies command the rebounding battle. Syracuse will compete but ultimately a better UConn team prevails.

Andrew Pregler

Syracuse 80 - UConn 77
Honestly I don't have insight but I want Silent G or Lydon or anyone to nail a three and jump on the scorers table because screw UConn. Happy Turkey day, yinz!

Andrew Carey

Syracuse 75 - UConn 70
The 3-pointers started to fall yesterday for the Orange and if that keeps up this team will be dangerous. Although Lydon is undersized at the Center when he is forced to play it, he is almost as effective as Coleman in terms of challenging shots and steals. I think guys like Rodney Purvis and Sterling Gibbs will have big games. I think the one player the Orange will need to shut down is Amida Brimah. They need to keep him off the offensive glass if they want to win. I think if they get in a run and gun game it will favor the Orange.

Brandon Ross

UConn 73 - Syracuse 64
UConn games have typically brought out the best in players. If Richardson and Cooney can consistently make 3s and Lydon and Gbinije stay hot, we have a good chance. However, considering how this season has gone to date, it's tough to see that happening.

Sean Keeley

UConn 77 - Syracuse 76
Oh, I gotta be honest. I don't have a good feeling about this. We're coming off of a smoking-hot shooting clinic, which invariably means we're going to be cold (or at least someone is). UConn is not Charlotte and they're going to be able to take advantage. Factor in the undefinable quality that makes games between these two schools memorable and it should be a good game, but, I don't know if we pull it out in the end. Or perhaps I'm just reverse-jinxing everything.