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Syracuse Football Recruiting: AD Mark Coyle Calling Commits

Athletic Director Mark Coyle has taken it upon himself to hold the 2016 recruiting class together.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

When Syracuse Orange head coach Scott Shafer was dismissed on Monday, many recruits did not know where they stood with the University and if their scholarship offer was still valid. Syracuse's athletic director Mark Coyle took the initiative to begin calling the recruits to let them know their offers were still good. Coyle said that he intends to fill head coaching vacancy quickly.

Athlete Moe Neal was contacted by Mark Coyle on Tuesday and told that his scholarship offer was still on the table. Neal said that he was surprised that Coyle took time out of his day to contact him, according to CuseNation. Neal indicated that he was still committed to Syracuse and that he & Coyle agreed to move his official visit back until there is a coach in place.

Rex Culpepper, Will Harper, Cam DeGeorge and Jamal Holloway were also among the recruits contacted by Coyle, according to Stephen Bailey from the Post Standard. The sooner Coyle fills the vacancy, the sooner the new coaching staff can hit the ground running solidifying the 2016 Class, not to mention taking over phone duties.