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Syracuse Football: Coaches, Players, Recruits React to Scott Shafer's Firing

Here are some quotes from the aftermath of Syracuse's decision to fire Scott Shafer.

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Syracuse director of athletics Mark Coyle officially fired SU head coach Scott Shafer on Monday morning. Since then, several players (both current and former), coaches and recruits have come forth to give their thoughts. You can find much of that coverage at and, but here is a roundup of some of the best quotes:


Former running back Prince-Tyson Gulley, via The Daily Orange:

"We've been discussing a lot of things as alumni. I just feel like this is one of the problems with why Syracuse can never get to the point that we can get, is because every 3-4 years we are switching coach."

"Shafer, they just need to give him a chance to build the program. Me knowing him personally, if he would be able to get enough time just to mold these kids and get a full at least five or six years ... he has to create the culture that he wants."

"Honestly, we got to trust (Director of Athletics Mark Coyle). We've got to trust him, that he knows exactly what he's doing, because it's already done."

Former defensive lineman Wayne Williams, who said he was dismissed following last season "without explanation," via The Daily Orange:

"Wonder if he was as surprised as I was when I heard he was leaving," Williams said. "I like playing at Syracuse University. I don't control who coaches there. Like he says, control the controllables."

Linebacker Zaire Franklin:

Defensive tackle Kayton Samuels:

Kicker Cole Murphy:

Safety Daivon Ellison:

Former wide receiver Ashton Broyld:

Former quarterback Troy Nunes:



Via, wide receivers coach Bobby Acosta, part of a staff that Coyle informed would be let go:

"It's sad," Acosta said, tears welling in his eye. "You get so close to the players. You fall in love with them."

Boston College coach Steve Addazio:

And Shafer himself:


Syracuse men's basketball coach Jim Boeheim also chimed in. Via

"I like Coach Shafer. I think he did some really good things. But the (athletic) department has to do what they think is right. We just have to move on. It's always tough to see any coach get fired, especially a hard-working guy who has done a lot for this university. I wish him well."