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Syracuse vs. BC: Brisly Estime Suspended For First-Half, Steve Ishmael Eligible

Estime will serve a one-half suspension for his unsportsmanlike penalty ejection.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

It must have been a first to have both of your starting wide receivers ejected from a game and the Syracuse Orange managed to pull that off during their 42-29 loss to the N.C. State Wolfpack on Saturday.

Brisly Estime was ejected in the fourth quarter after shoving a defender in the face and then Steve Ishmael was ejected following his second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty of the game. Ishmael shoved a defender after catching a late touchdown, which led to the second penalty.

The ACC has clarified the lasting effects of both ejections and it means the Orange will have to work around one of them for at least one half when they host the Boston College Eagles for their season finale on Saturday.

Since Estime's ejection was for fighting, he will be suspended for the first half of the game. Ishmael, however, will be eligible to play the entire game. This of course assumes SU doesn't tack on punishments of it's own.

Scott Shafer also received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for arguing one of the calls, his second-such penalty in as many games.

According to Rob Trudo (who also picked up an unsportsmanlike penalty), a lot of the frustrations comes from the fact that SU simply doesn't like the Wolfpack all that much.

"We don't like NC State too much, as a team, personally," Trudo said. "Everybody was a little frustrated, especially with the chain of events tonight. It's one of those things that happen. It's a learning experience for our players."

"You've got to keep your head out there," Trudo said. "They were pushing after the whistle; we were too. They were talking a lot of trash out there, but once you get that first unsportsmanlike — and I had one too, thought it was a bullcrap call — you've got to keep your head out there. Steve, it's a learning experience for him. Brisly, he should be smarter than that."

Seems as though if the Orange aren't going to pick up another win this year, they're at least going to try to make up for things on the penalty stat sheet.