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NC State 42 - Syracuse 29: Comeback Effort Too Little Too Late In Eighth-Straight Loss

Syracuse had some good plays and plenty of chances but the Wolfpack shredded the Orange defense all day.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Down 21-9 at the half, the Syracuse Orange continued the momentum they took into the locker room and brought it with them into the second half with a 75-yard touchdown run by Jordan Fredericks to make it a one-score game. Then, the N.C. State Wolfpack remembered who they were and who we were and basically put the game out of reach before the end of the third quarter.

SU mounted a bit of a comeback in the fourth but it was all too little too late and the Orange lost their eighth-straight game, 42-29.

The outcome of the game was marred by multiple personal conduct ejections on Brisly Estime and Steve Ishmael. The Orange didn't just lose but they looked like a bunch of sour grapes while doing it. Shame, because they actually put together some decent drives towards the end of the game, but no one will remember that now.

Zack Mahoney ended up 10-of-21 with two touchdowns and an interception and while that's not terrible, he also seemed to put to bed any lingering thoughts that he might challenge Eric Dungey for the crown next year. Mahoney has done an admiral admirable job given his position but he's not going to be the guy next year for SU.

In the end, Syracuse surrendered 40+ points once again on the road and made too many mistakes on offense and missed too many tackles on defense to make it a real game. Whatever momentum the team took from the Clemson game last week is gone, as feared.

And now, Scott Shafer and the Orange have only one more chance to prove there is something positive to take into the offseason. A loss next week would mean back-to-back 3-9 seasons and would put Shafer's future employment hopes in serious doubt.

More to come. Share your pain below.