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NC State 21 - Syracuse 9: Wolfpack Push Orange Around In First-Half

The Orange get some momentum late in the first half but the NC State offense has had it's way with SU's defense so far.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Late in the second quarter, Zack Mahoney scrambled and threw a beautiful 30-yard pass to Erv Phillips for the Syracuse Orange's first and only touchdown of the half. In that moment, we saw the SU offense that we've been waiting for. The one we've been promised. The Orange then bungled the two-point conversion on a terrible sweep pass call and we were reminded how the rest of the afternoon had gone beforehand.

Other than that drive, the N.C. State Wolfpack has basically owned the game so far, leading 21-9 at halftime. They got on the board early thanks to a Jacoby Brissett pass to Jaylen Samuels to make it 7-0. SU took the ball all the way down to the one-yard-line but decided not to go for it and kicked an 18-yard Cole Murphy field goal instead to make it 7-3. Reggie Gallaspy II ran in a Wolfpack touchdown on the next drive to make it 14-3 and followed it up with an 87-yard drive to score another rushing touchdown, courtesy of Nyheim Hines. It was 21-3 when SU scored to make it 21-9.

What's been most disturbing so far is how much NC State is pushing SU's defense around. The color commentator even went as far as to say the Orange looked "exhausted" midway through the second quarter.

The Orange have some momentum thanks to an Antwan Cordy interception just before the half. Whether or not they take advantage of it remains to be seen.

Leave your halftime and second-half comments below. G'ORANGE!