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Syracuse vs. NC State: Scott Shafer & George McDonald Probably Not Meeting At Bojangles'

There's no love lost between Scott Shafer and former SU offensive coordinator George McDonald.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Scott Shafer would probably tell you that 37 games aren't enough to determine whether or not his tenure will ultimately end in success for the Syracuse Orange. So with that in mind, you can probably understand why current N.C. State Wolfpack wide receivers coach George McDonald might still be miffed after getting demoted as SU offensive coordinator last year after 18 games at the helm.

Per Nate Mink, the two haven't spoken since McDonald left the employ of Syracuse University to take the job with the Wolfpack during the offseason. That's probably not surprising considering the way McDonald reacted after receiving the news...

"If I would've known I was only going to get 18 games to be offensive coordinator, I would've stayed at the University of Arkansas," McDonald said on Tuesday night. "I would've never came here."

It was understandable to feel that way, except that, you know, you're a professional and this was business.

One thing that's been interesting about the Post-McDonald Era is that recruiting hasn't suffered in the way some feared. Despite the fact that McDonald seemed to have been brought in for his recruiting prowess, the program is doing just as well, perhaps even better in certain areas. That doesn't mean the move didn't have an adverse effect on some high school coaches, like North Miami Beach High School (home of Steve Ishmael) coach Jeff Bertani.

"I would've liked to see him get a little bit more time to try to develop something there," Bertani said this week. "Excuses are being made because of the injuries and the issues that they had. It didn't seem like he was afforded the same opportunity."

Unfortunately, I can think of a lot of SU fans and even some players who would disagree.