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Syracuse Football Uniforms: SU Going Orange-White-Orange vs. NC State

Your weekly alert about what Syracuse is wearing on Saturday.

Cuse Football Twitter

Plenty of consternation occurred last week when the Syracuse Orange wore all-blues against the Clemson Tigers. We debated it. Some yelled about it. We acknowledged the fact that it WAS a nice salute to the troops on Veteran's Day weekend. The game happened, and it was fine. SU was even in it for an extended period of time!

This week, Syracuse has announced it will be wearing the orange-white-orange combo against the NC State Wolfpack:

This isn't the first time SU is donning orange helmets with white jerseys and orange pants. They also did that against Florida State. It didn't go well at all, as you might remember.


Full breakdown of the new uniform results are below. Unfortunately, the years (2014 and 2015) we've worn the new Nike duds have coincided with a pretty rough stretch on the field, so no combo has done rather well. Just four combos have .500 records, and only the orange jerseys (1-1) have a .500 record among ANY uniform element we use.

Syracuse Uniform Grid