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Michael Gbinije: Real G's Move in Silence, Like Lasagna

Is Michael Gbinije a top 100 player in college basketball?

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

It appears as though this year's Syracuse Orange basketball team is flying under the national media radar. Ubiquitous now are everyone's top 25 college basketball rankings with Jim Boeheim's 40th Syracuse team being few and far between. As Syracuse goes relatively undetected, so does its senior point-forward, Michael Gbinije. Gbinije, for better or for worse, has been omitted from many reputable media sites' top 100 lists.

The ESPN staff went ahead and ranked the top 100 players in college basketball for the upcoming season -- there wasn't a trace of Silent G.

Well, how about CBS's list of top 100 players? No dice.

The Big Lead Top 50? All quiet on the western front.

Sports Illustrated's Top 100 Scorers? You sense the theme here.

If there ever were a time for a Chris McCullough "they sleep," now would be that time.

Not to worry -- Gbinije wasn't excluded from everyone's list. The SB Nation guys ranked Gbinije 80th on its list of top 100 players and NBC Sports ranked Gbinije the highest of anyone else at 62.

These lists are very subjective and the argument could be made for Gbinije to be on anyone's list. Whether or not that matters is also up for debate, but what's certain is that Syracuse will hang its hat on Gbinije this season.


Gbinije's sobriquet suddenly seems more fitting. Silent G is moving quietly into the beginning of his college basketball swan song, yet Syracuse fans have a hunch that the fifth-year player will have a raucous senior season. It's as the modern day poet Lil Wayne says, "[Expletive] real G's move in silence, like lasagna." Six-foot. Seven-inch. Point guard. What?