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ACC Basketball Teams as WWE Superstars

College basketball season is upon us, so let's have some fun and pair your favorite ACC Hoops team with the WWE Superstar that they most closely resemble

Back in August, we compared ACC Football Teams to WWE Attitude Era wrestlers, so with basketball season starting up, let's do something similar. This time, we'll compare ACC Basketball teams to current WWE wrestlers.

Duke Blue Devils - John Cena

There is no gray area. People either love or hate Duke and Cena. No matter if they are holding the title or not, both of them are top draws and the ones that opponents love to beat. Maybe the act is a bit tired and stale, but you have to admit it still works.

North Carolina Tar Heels - Triple H

"The Carolina Way" and "What's Best for Business" are mantras that fans of these two are trained to recite. These "blue bloods" are going to be in the conversation and considered as top dog, even though HHH doesn't compete as often these days.

Louisville Cardinals - Neville

The Man Gravity Forgot aligned with the guy who made the 3-pt shot a weapon in college hoops. Innovators on offense, living on the edge, and always worth watching. Neville's opponents have to be on guard for the Red Arrow while the Cardinals' foes are always watching out for the full-court pressure Pitino employs.

Virginia Cavaliers - Kevin Owens

Neither of these two are going to win a beauty contest. They don't fit the mold of what we expect to see in 2015, but you have to respect their talent. When you face Virginia, you are going to have to fight for every inch, and as a result, you see many opponents get frustrated. It might not always be pretty, but the Cavaliers like Owens are very effective.

Syracuse Orange - Sting

It's Year 3 and you still want to think of the Orange as a Big East school first and foremost, like WWE fans see Sting as the face of WCW. Both of them took on a huge transformation to keep them at the top of the pecking order- Surfer Sting became The Crow, and the Orange became known for the 2-3 zone. We'll have to wait and see if Boeheim spends his NCAA suspension watching games from arena rafters, but we're all rooting for him to rappel down and point the bat at Roy Williams.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish - Seth Rollins

Not the biggest, or the strongest, but somehow you find a way to get the win. Some will argue that you receive preferential treatment from those in charge, but you don't care as long you get to the top somehow. Even your biggest haters have to admit that you can adapt your style depending on your opponent.

North Carolina State Wolfpack - Bray Wyatt

No offense Wolfpack fans, but you don't exactly fit in with the other schools in your state. So, you've found yourself a group of other outcasts searching for a charismatic leader. You're a bit unorthodox, a bit loud, and a lot less polished than the Heels, Dukies, or Deacons, but it's fine because you only need your Family anyway.

Virginia Tech Hokies - Dean Ambrose

A team led by Buzz Williams seems to be a good fit with "The Lunatic Fringe". Style points aren't what either of them are looking for, they just want to turn every contest into a street fight. Oh and make sure to keep some extra towels on hand when these guys come to town.

Boston College Eagles - Sheamus

On one hand you have a pasty white Irishman that no one seems to like, and then you have Sheamus. Being forced to watch either seems like unnecessary punishment, and I'm sure Superfans wish their team had a briefcase they could use to try and cash in a win at any time.

Pittsburgh Panthers - Kane

Watching Kane move around the ring can make anyone a little uneasy. He's not very quick, his movements seemed forced, and his offense is mostly slamming into people. Now, if that doesn't sound like Pitt's offense under Jamie Dixon I don't know what does.

Florida State Seminoles - Dolph Ziggler

You watch and you see the potential. You can picture them both in the main event this year, and beyond, but something just doesn't click. Sometimes it's an untimely injury, other times it's Leonard Hamilton's coaching, but whatever the issue they stay a little below the top.

Wake Forest Demon Deacons - The New Day

Danny Manning seemed to bring the power of positivity to Winston Salem last season. Wake fans certainly hope that this leads to a return to the NCAA Tournament. It doesn't hurt that you can clap along to "Dea-cons Rock".....still waiting on confirmation that Manning plays a mean trombone.

Miami Hurricanes - Roman Reigns

The new chosen one from South Florida. The fans are a little skeptical of people telling them to jump on board before the title reigns begin, but that doesn't stop the talk. ACC fans need to see more before they are ready to buy in. Will this be the year actions speak louder than words?

Clemson Tigers- Bo Dallas

You can Bo-Lieve that Clemson has what it takes to make a Tournament run this year, but you'll need to do more than that to make it happen. I doubt the casual fan could tell you one think about the son of Syracuse legend Mike Rotunda, just like a casual hoops fan probably couldn't name Clemson's Head Coach. You'll see these guys on your tv at some point, but most likely they will just be making their opponent look better.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets - Cesaro

Not a household name by any means, these are the guys who have proven to be tough to defeat. Although the win totals haven't been too high, they might be on the verge of jumping up another tier. You might not be very familiar with them, but they are experienced and are going to be a team to keep an eye on this year.

This is your chance to tell me where I've gone wrong, so have it in the comments....and maybe we'll break out a Lax version of this in February.