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Syracuse Football Recruiting: QB Culpepper Signs Financial Aid Agreement, Will Enroll in January

2016 recruit Rex Culpepper has signed his financial aid agreement with Syracuse and intends to enroll early.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

*** UPDATE ***

Syracuse football announced today that Culpepper did, in fact, sign his National Letter of Intent, so Culpepper is officially the first member of the Class of 2016.

One of Syracuse's most-heralded recruits in the 2016 class has signed his financial aid agreement and plans to enroll at the university in January. According to, Rex Culpepper signed his financial agreement with the Syracuse Orange two weeks ago, and that Rex plans to begin taking classes next semester.

It's important to note to that signing a financial aid agreement does not bind a student-athlete to attend a particular school in the same way that a National Letter of Intent does. A National Letter Intent (NLI) is a binding contract in which the student-athlete is bound to attend the university to which he or she submitted the NLI. Signing a financial aid agreement, on the other hand, binds the university to the student, but not the student to the university.

By signing the financial agreement, Syracuse must offer Culpepper an athletic scholarship. But if Culpepper were to change his mind and decide not to attend Syracuse, he has until the first day of classes in January to void the financial aid agreement and go elsewhere. Here's hoping Culpepper winds with the Orange.