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Syracuse Football Uniform Update: Orange Going All-Blue vs. Clemson

Orange concede orange branding to Clemson.

Syracuse Football Twitter

There's a lot going on at Syracuse this Saturday. The Ensley Athletic Center is getting dedicated, Plaza 44 is being celebrated and the Ben Schwartzwalder statue is being unveiled. The top-ranked Clemson Tigers are coming to town, and they'll face the Syracuse Orange on ABC at 3:30 p.m. ET.

So how do the Syracuse ORANGE celebrate its brand on national TV?

By wearing all blue.


Now the Veteran's Day angle is a good one here. And it makes sense for Syracuse to honor vets and our armed forces, especially given its link to Fort Drum that goes so far as the 44 crest on its uniforms right now.

But wearing all-blue against Clemson -- another team that lays claim to the color orange -- in front of the whole country? We went through this the last time the Tigers came to town too. It would just stand to reason that we'd want to carve out some orange real estate for ourselves since we're the home team, no? Unless we're trying to confuse viewers into thinking it's not actually us out there when the nearly-inevitable happens?



Good job by Syracuse honoring veterans with this clever "dress blues" take. It's a nice gesture (among more nice gestures that day, perhaps?) that pays tribute to those that have served.

This is the first time Syracuse has worn all-blues with the new uniform set, and the first time we've worn all-blues since November of 2013 vs. Pitt (the old color-fade helmets, as you'll recall).