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Floyd Little Excited For 'Incredible' Opportunity to See Plaza 44 Statues Unveiled

After much delay, Syracuse University will officially unveil Plaza 44; an area honored to Ernie Davis, Jim Brown, and Floyd Little among others who have touted the number 44.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

All has been fixed with Jim Brown's face, apparently.

Syracuse University will finally unveil the long awaited Plaza 44 project this Saturday before the Clemson game, something that was supposed to take place before the home opener against Rhode Island.

The reason for the delay was that Jim Brown's facial expression "was not very appealing or attractive," Floyd Little, who is also being honored at the event, told TK99 back in September.

"I was a part of the origination of what it looks like and what it would be like," Little told earlier this week. "I helped shaped my face and same with Jim. Jim's face wasn't too pretty so I had to change that a little bit."

Plaza 44 will honor Floyd Little, Jim Brown, and Ernie Davis with a nine-foot statue of each, including an area for the next No. 44 at Syracuse. Also being honored is Floyd 'Ben' Schwartzwalder who coached the football team from 1949-73 including the National Championship team in in 1959.

In the video the university posted (seen below), Little expressed his graciousness over the honor. He talked about how "incredible" it will be to have his grand kids at the event and even hopes his 10-year-old grandson will wear the number 44 someday, too.

"When you pull the tarp off of a statue of you that's actually 12 feet -- nine on a three-foot base -- with a lot of history around it in terms of etched in stone, really etched in stone about your career and your life, it's going to be an unbelievable experience and I'm looking forward to it."

Little added that he got to see the final product and it brought out some emotion in him.

"I saw it before they covered it up and I got a little emotional because it started for me here [at Syracuse] and it'll end here. 'Cause when I leave, I won't be going any place else. But to have a statue of you on the campus where people can walk by going to and from the athletic center, or the Ensley center I should say. It's remarkable experience that I've lived long enough to see it."

The event begins at 11:45 a.m. on Saturday and is open to the public. The first 500 attendants will receive a souvenir from the University.

You can see watch Little below and read more about the event here.