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Syracuse vs. Clemson: Dungey Back 'Soon,' Mahoney Takes 1st-Team Reps & Womack Back With QBs

The SU offensive coordinator talks more about the Orange quarterback situation headed into the Clemson showdown.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday, Scott Shafer seemed to float it out there that Zack Mahoney would start for the Syracuse Orange on Saturday against the No. 1 Clemson Tigers but stopped short of giving any kind of specifics. Later on, offensive coordinator Tim Lester seemed more willing to part with details when doing his own interviews. Even then, while talking up Mahoney, he didn't say for sure that Eric Dungey wouldn't play.

"(Dungey's) not back yet, but we're expecting him soon," Lester said. "Zack was there today. Zack's ready to go. He's fired up. If he ends up going and getting the start, it'll be the No. 1 team in the country. The last time he started, it was the No. 2 team (LSU) in the country."

When asked about Dungey's Upper Body Injury, Lester said it's up to what the trainers say but that "he didn't break his collarbone from what we know so far." He also reiterated that Mahoney took all the first-team reps.

Neither quarterback was made available to the media, which is sure to make things impossible for Clemson's gameplan.

Also of note is that Kenterius Womack, the quarterback-turned-wideout-turned defensive back is now back with the quarterbacks. Lester noted that Womack is up to 180 pounds (from 158) and his eventual position remains to be seen. In the interim, however, SU needs depth at the quarterback spot for whatever's coming next.