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Syracuse Football: Seems Likely Zack Mahoney's Starting vs. Clemson, Per Scott Shafer

Scott Shafer said some things today. Then we say some things...

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

After Eric Dungey left the Louisville game with an injury on Saturday, Syracuse Orange fans have been wondering about his status for the rest of the season. Head coach Scott Shafer said yesterday that we're taking things "day by day."'s Bud Polquin went so far as to weigh in and say it was SU's "moral duty" to sit him the rest of the year.

Based on Scott Shafer's comments today, you can at least assume that Dungey won't be seeing the field against Clemson this Saturday, even if Shafer won't come out and say it:

Remember, that's the gentlemanly way to go about these things.

Always great to hear.

Doubling down on being a gentleman.

I mean, that SOUNDS like Mahoney's starting, right?

... But then a step back.

"If you're not going to be a gentleman, then I won't be one either! TRY TO STOP ONE OF THESE GUYS WITHOUT KNOWING WHICH WILL PLAY!"


All of this is a long way of getting to the bigger issue: None of this is SAYING ANYTHING. We've been through this before. No, Shafer doesn't have to be an open book when they're winning, I guess. But when you're losing, not answering questions only makes it seem like you're avoiding them.

Some other nothing statements:

You can usually control putting a quality effort on the field or not, coach.

... Cutcliffe was an experienced head coach who'd shaped the collegiate careers of both Peyton and Eli Manning, respectively. He inherited a cratered-out Duke Blue Devils football program that had gone 10-82 in the eight years prior to his arrival. Shafer inherited a Syracuse program that just got off an 8-5 campaign where they won a conference title.


If you thought I was being too hard up above, it's because I was leading into this horrendous quote. As's Nate Mink points out, the Orange had a less-than-1 percent chance of winning the game when Dungey got injured at under four minutes to go. Shafer said hindsight was 20-20 on the injury, but... it wasn't. Louisville took cheap shots on the SU QB several times leading up to that play. And that play itself was an uncalled helmet-to-helmet hit. There was NOTHING to be gained from Dungey being in that game. Even Tim Lester wasn't sold on that concept.


Point here is no different than before: trust and faith are waning here, and with every subsequent statement from the staff, that rings more and more true.