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Floyd Little on Scott Shafer's Job Security & Who Could Be Worthy of No. 44

No. 44 Floyd Little was asked some questions about the state of the program. See what he had to say.

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

It's a big week for Floyd Little. On Saturday, a statue of him and a couple other guys you may have heard of will be unveiled before the Clemson Tigers game. Floyd's not just a Syracuse Orange legend, he's also special assistant to athletic director Mark Coyle. So when he sat down to talk to reporters this week, he commented on issues beyond what it means to be honored.

Most-pressing to your concerns, Floyd was asked about Scott Shafer's status as head coach of the Orange football team and whether or not there was any impending decision related to that.

"Our leader said that we'll evaluate this at the end of the season," Little said. "So be it. Who am I to second-guess that? He's the boss, and he'll evaluate what's right for Syracuse University at the end of the season."

"We'll look at the whole season and make a decision then and not before then," Little said.

We look to you, Mark Coyle.

Meanwhile, when discussing players on the current roster, Floyd called out one by name when he was asked if he sees any RBs who could carry high the standard set by he, Ernie Davis and Jim Brown.

"Jordan (Fredericks) is a good runner," Little said. "I like his style. I like his vision. He’s a good player. I have talked to him and embraced him and encouraged him. But we haven’t talked about (wearing No. 44)."

I'm sure we'll be hearing more from Floyd as the week rolls on.