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Syracuse Basketball Critical Hair Updates: Malachi's Pre-Sideshow Bob, Lydon's Headband

Lots of exciting hair potential for the Orange this season.

Rich Barnes/Getty Images

If you've followed this site long enough, you know that the only thing more important than whether or not the Syracuse Orange basketball team is winning is what the hair on the head and faces of Orange players is doing.

We've witnessed so many wonderful 'dos from Andy Rautins' fauxhawk to Paul Harris's fro to James Southerland's Amish beard to Brandon Triche's Triangle of Doom. And none of this takes into account the treasures that are Fab Melo's facial hair, C.J. Fair's headband and whatever the hell is happening on Trevor Cooney's neck.

This season has the potential to be an all-timer in terms of hairstyles and headwear.

We begin where we should, with the wonderful flat top/Sideshow Bob-in-the-making that Malachi Richardson is bringing with him this season.


It's very early but I feel like we're just scratching the surface and before we know it, he'll reach Sideshow Malachi status. Keep growing. Please keep growing.

With that hair stealing the show, it'd be easy to forget about what Frank Howard is up to as well.


There's some funky symmetry in his official photo but I like where we're headed. There's some real potential here.

Tyler Lydon's hair doesn't do too much to excite the masses but we did get a bit of a surprise over the weekend when the freshman was sporting a headband in the early goings against Florida Southern.

Had we found C.J.'s headband heir (hair?) apparent? Apparently not.

"I figured I'd give it a shot. I liked it, I felt like it blocked the sweat, but in the second half, I don't know, I felt like I really didn't need it," Lydon said. "I came in here (the SU locker room) at halftime, took it off to wipe some sweat off and then kind of threw it off to the side."

Oh well, it's not for everyone.

Finally, it's nice to know in this crazy world that you can find something dependable. Such is Trevor Cooney's neckbeard, already in post-season form.