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Have a Question for Syracuse Orange Coach Mike Hopkins? #HopTalk Returns Friday

Tomorrow at 5 p.m. ET, Coach Hopkins and TNIAAM will be discussing the upcoming SU basketball season and anything else you want to know (within reason).

Nate Shron/Getty Images

You probably have a lot of questions you'd like to ask Syracuse Orange basketball assistant coach and soon-to-be head coach Mike Hopkins. You'd probably ask him about what SU intends to do when DaJuan Coleman is in foul trouble. You'd probably want to know which freshmen look like they'll be able to contribute immediately. Perhaps you'd ask him about whether or not Kaleb Joseph has progressed at the point or if we'll lean on Michael Gbinije to cover that spot? You may even ask him how he feels about officially being on the books as The Guy Who Replaces James Arthur Boeheim.

Here's the thing. You can totally ask him these questions. Tomorrow, October 9 at 5 p.m. ET, TNIAAM is hosting another round of #HopTalk on Twitter. We've done it for a few years now and Coach Hop is always great for informative and fun answers about the squad and himself. Check out last year's highlights to see what he talked about and to make sure you don't ask a question he's already answered.

If you want your question to be considered for the hour-long chat, submit it via Twitter using the #HopTalk hashtag. We'll compile the questions and ask the best ones (you'd be amazed how quickly that hour goes). Then, follow along on Twitter with Coach Hopkins () and TNIAAM (@NunesMagician) to see the conversation in real-time.