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Syracuse Uniform Update: All Orange Everything For USF's White-Out

The Orange are going all-orange for the white-out. Confusing, I know.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

We knew that the South Florida Bulls are going to wear all-white uniforms on Saturday for a White-Out. Now we know the Syracuse Orange aren't going to comply with those orders.

It's the second time Syracuse will wear all-orange, the first being during the win over Wake Forest earlier in the year.

It's a good sign that Syracuse seems to be, in fact, whittling things down in the uniform department. The platinums haven't shown their ugly faces (yet) and if Syracuse just switched in an orange, blue or white jersey to go with the orange helmet and orange pants each week I doubt too many SU folks would complain.

Of course all of this means we're definitely going all-platinum next week now, doesn't it?